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Fandom: BTS
Pairing: Jin/Taehyung
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU - Stepbrothers. Hurt/Comfort.
Warning: Domestic violence. (Happy ending tho!)
Word Count: 3,469.
Summary: Tae runs a soothing hand down Seokjin's back, trying to offer silent support because he knows that Seokjin doesn't like to talk about it —  not now and not ever.

Taehyung watches the clock as seconds tick by. )
Fandom: BTS
Pairing: Jin/Hoseok
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Highschool!AU, humour, slightly crack-ish.
Word Count: 1,633
Summary: A friendship begins when one day Hoseok sends a drunk text to the wrong number.
A/N: My first 2seok! I had so much fun writing this one.

It starts one night when Hoseok is alone at home and watching anime. He pauses at a particular scene and takes a picture of the character on his laptop screen. )
Fandom: BTS
Pairing: Namjoon/Jin
Rating: T
Word Count: 799.
A/N: This is just an idea that popped into my head this morning and I felt the need to write it. Written for Trope Bingo round 6 and the 'first time/last time' square on my card, but I slightly modified it.
Summary: It is the end of the world and Namjoon and Jin are the last people standing.

Namjoon opens his eyes and stretches, feeling his bones protest from sleeping on the hard small bed beneath him. He turns around and finds Jin sleeping on his side, his chapped lips parted slightly. )


The code for this challenge, specifically the table, was adapted from the exo shipping challenge by whatthekey, and the rules were adapted from there as well. Used by permission.

The three BTS icons are by [ profile] bangtans

The summer icon is by [ profile] changingoftides

This iteration of the shipping challenge was created by [ profile] bluedreaming and can be found here.

You can find a copy of the html code here. The password is BTS

How to play:

1. The ships aren't in any particular order but feel free to rearrange them.

2. You don't have to write a specific story for this challenge, linking other stories you've written is fine!

3. Minimum of 300 words per ship, 1000 words per otp if you have them! (Add a ☆ to the ship.)

4. Any genre is acceptable, AUs and canon and the wildest thing you can imagine.

5. There is no time limit :)

[ profile] afrozenflowerr's card.

jin/rapmon☆ jin/suga☆ jin/j-hope jin/jimin jin/v
jin/jungkook rapmon/suga rapmon/j-hope rapmon/jimin
rapmon/v rapmon/jungkook suga/j-hope
suga/jimin suga/v suga/jungkook j-hope/jimin
j-hope/v j-hope/jungkook jimin/v jimin/jungkook v/jungkook
Status: 4/21
Fandom: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS
Pairing: Suga/Jin
Rating: T
Warnings: none
Word Count: 3,705.
A/N: Thanks to my beta ilivefororeos on AFF. All remaining mistakes are my own.
Summary: Jin needs a boyfriend for a couple of days.

“I need to talk to you,” Jin said one day. )


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