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Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

I am a reader, an amateur writer, and a full-time fangirl. I also like to make fanvids occasionally.

On this journal, you will find me talking about books, fanfics, fandoms, my favourite TV shows/movies, boring random updates about my life, and anything else that strikes my fancy.  90% of my entries are public. (Including anything fandom-related). The rest is private, mainly because I sometimes ramble a lot about personal stuff.

My current fandoms:
Merlin, Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire, BTS, Supernatural (although I'm behind on it), In Company of Shadows, Sherlock Holmes, Naruto, EXO, and Marvel.

I don't really have any friending policy, except that it would be nice if we have anything in common. I'm more likely to add you then. I would also appreciate a short introduction. :)

Drop me a message, I love making new friends.

Interests (138):

a frozen flower, a song of ice and fire, ac/dc, ancient cultures, ancient egypt, ancient history, anime, art, arthur/eames, arthurian legend, arthurian legends, asoiaf, astromony, bangatan boys, books, bradley james, bts, chanyeol, china, chris evans, colin morgan, crossovers, crushing on fictional characters, dean/castiel, destiel, draco/harry, drarry, egyptian mythology, exo, fall out boy, family guy, fan fiction, fandoms, fanfiction, fangirling, fantasy, fanvids, feminism, femslash, folklore, french, friends, fun, gaius/uther, game of thrones, gone girl, great britain, greece, greek mythology, harry potter, harry/draco, harry/teddy, historical fiction, history, in company of shadows, inception, instrumental music, j-hope, j-rock, japan, japanese, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, jimin, jin, johnlock, jungkook, k-pop, kai, kpop, languages, leonardo dicaprio, lgbt rights, lgbtq rights, lgbtqia rights, london grammar, male/male, manga, mashrou' leila, mental illness, merlin, merlin/arthur, merthur, michael jackson, misha collins, morgana/gwen, movies, mozart, music, my chemical romance, mythology, namjin, narusasu, naruto, naruto/sasuke, noprth korea, original fiction, philosophy, pride and prejudice, psychology, rap monster, reading, regulus black, robert downey jr, rock, sam/castiel, sastiel, sasunaru, sehun, sherlock holmes, sherlock/john, shutter island, sirius black, sirius/regulus, slash, slash fiction, slytherin!harry, south korea, stony, supernatural, taehyung, tao, the avengers, the simpsons, the winchester brothers, tony/steve, tv shows, tvxq, v, video editing, writing, wu yi fan, yanni, yaoi, yoonjin, youtube, youtubers, yuri
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